Apr 202010

In a previous post about Selecting a Cookset, I mentioned I like to keep it simple by carrying a compact canister stove and an aluminum mug. That’s pretty much it.

On a recent backpacking/fly fishing trip, let’s call it flypacking, I took a couple pictures of my setup and posted them below.

Cookset including MSR canister stove, aluminum mug, and waterproof matches

Cookset including MSR canister stove, aluminum mug, and waterproof matches

camping cookset

This is my cookset in its packed form. The MSR stove and the matches fit perfectly inside the mug.

Of course what you decide to use may be different depending on your own needs. This setup is good for boiling water to use with dehydrated meals, boiling water for drinking, making coffee, or preparing noodles of some sort. Hopefully I don’t need to say this, but if you use a mug for cookware it will be very hot, so be prepared to act accordingly.

Specific Cookset Items:

Sep 062009

Manufacturers of backpacking stoves like MSR, Snow Peak, and Jetboil produce an annual maintenance kit for their backpacking stoves. The MSR annual maintenance kit, for instance, includes everything you’ll need to maintain each of their liquid fuel stoves.

Annual maintenance of your stove increases its safety and reliability. Leaking o-rings can become a hazard if not replaced on a regular basis. Leaking fuel not only creates a mess in your pack, but can lead to external flames in places you don’t want them to be. Some links to common stove kits and their contents are listed below.

The MSR Annual Maintenance Kit Includes:

MSR Stove Annual Maitenance Kit

MSR Stove Annual Maitenance Kit

  • All necessary o-rings.
  • Jet and cable tools
  • Lubricant for preventative measures

The Snow Peak GigaPower Stove Maintenance Kit Includes:

Snow Peak Stove Maintenance Kit

Snow Peak Stove Maintenance Kit

  • GS spindle assembly
  • Wrench
  • O-rings
  • GS-100 Jet

If you’re having problems with the igniter on your Jetboil stove, they produce replacement piezo igniters for that stove as well.

Instructions for MSR stoves can be downloaded from MSR Corp, or you can visit SnowPeak.com for more information about the GigaPower stove.