May 122012

Whoa! Hold it now! I can’t let two weekend’s get completely by me here. Looks like the SCDNR stocked just over 7,000 trout this week into the Lake Hartwell tailwaters, Chauga River, Big and Little Eastatoee, Little Canebrake, and Rocky Bottom.

The weather for the remainder of the weekend looks a little less than perfect. Starting Sunday, the chance of rain jumps up to 60%, with the possibility of up to a half inch of precip. in the Upstate. The risk grows even higher moving into Sunday evening, so I don’t know what to expect. Waters could get fairly high in localized situations, and potentially muddy as well. If I were considering fishing this weekend, I’d make it sometime Saturday afternoon. If you want to risk it on Sunday the high is predicted to be around 70 which isn’t bad.

I’d bring along some beadhead style flies in case the water gets up and going. San Juan worms would be a good choice. If the rain doesn’t happen, I’d be ready with parachute Adams, elk hair caddis, Quill Gordons, and such for dry flies. Hare’s ear and prince nymphs if you want to take it down deeper. Roughly the same for wild trout.

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  2 Responses to “SC Trout Stocking Report 5-12-2012”

  1. If you put a lot of trout behind the Hartwell dam or any other dam in SC ..won’t the Stripers eat them up pretty quickly?…why not put them in the other non Striper rivers?..Thanks

  2. That can be the case, especially below the Lake Murray dam. Generally stocking of these waters ends well before the stripers move up, and most of the trout have been removed by that time.

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