Jul 222011

I don’t know if I will trout fish the weekend or not. Might continue to give the little guys a break with this heat and all for yet another weekend. If I do go, I want to try a new fly I tied the other evening. It’s basically a parachute style tied upside down on a curved caddis pupae hook.

I suppose the premise was to create a slightly different silhouette on the water and hide the shiny hook a little more than you would find on a standard dry. Not only that, but possibly create an appearance similar to that of an extended body fly without the extended body.

Its essentially a variation of my foam body flies using the #16 curved pupae/emerger hook, tan foam cut into about a 1mm x 1mm strip, with brown hackle, and z-lon for the post. I’ve been thinking about possibly trying this a 3x nymph hook instead. The caddis hook is a little difficult to hackle in the upside down position, and the longer shank of the 3x nymph hook may be easier to hackle and produce a longer more mayfly like body. Its still pretty buggy though.

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